Bad News With Burger King

In 2015, there is a hot video about some negative news about Burger King, which are about the unhappy experiences from customers.

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(Resource: The video is from Brand Sins of Youtube and first published on 22 May, 2015.)


Classical KFC Advertising

Today, I am going to talk something about burger advertising. And I would like to use KFC as a classical example to develop my opinion.

Burger is a product, obviously.  So, how  to appeal customers to purchase your burger ?


If your burger is yummy and lovely appearance, how could you do to sell your burger?

Actually, in my opinion, I would like to say that advertising is an effective way to do promotion.

As a form of marketing communication, advertisements are able to show the selling points   vividly with different kinds of ways, such as TV advertisements, online advertisements and outdoor advertisement.

KFC published its first TV advertisement in  1969. In this video, you could feel that there was  a successful advertisement, which was clear expressing the value of its products of KFC. They hoped their customers can enjoy yummy chicken and share happiness.

(Resource: The video is from RW-TV of Youtube and this is a classic TV commercial, not a forum for debate of PETA/animal rights/politics.)

Today, Everyone is living with advertisements, so just talking your selling points in your advertisements is quite far enough.  If you want your target customers can be attracted by your advertisement, you should think more innovative points in your advertisement.

In this KFC advertisement, I really appreciate that its innovative idea. Customers will feel surprising and say ” oh, that is double zinger burger !”  Next time, when they enter KFC, they might buy this double zinger burger because of this advertisement, at least I will.

(Resource: The video is from KFC UK and Ireland of Youtube and first published on 3 July, 2016.)

DIY Giant Jelly Burger!

In last post, I introduced you the giant burger in Hulk Smash Food. Today, I will show you a funny video in Youtube about how to DIY Giant Jelly Burger.

After watching this video, I think that doing this DIY jelly burger just like building your own jelly world. Maybe this is one of your childhood dream!!!

If you are a jelly lover, you could try to DIY jelly in this way. If you are a burger lover, you could taste this new style burger. Whatever, you can find something amazing with DIY.

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(Resource: The video is from Timmy Timato of Youtube and first published on 4 April 2016.)

Hulk Smash Food

Today, I would like to introduce you a crazy burger restaurant named Hulk Smash Food in Australia.

Hulk Smash Food is focus on providing some huge burger like a burger giant.

(Resource: Photo by hulksmashfood insgram)

When it comes to showing off some seriously impressive eats, Australia tends to take food porn to new extremes.

Stubbs considers stuffing his face with food to be a delicious sport, and when it comes to smashing hamburgers, this competitive eater is pretty much the Aussie version of the Incredible Hulk.

For Stubbs, it’s go big or go home, and he conquers all sorts of epic, sky-high burger creations that look like something from your wildest, not to mention fattest, dreams.


Finally, new record was created by Stubbs, surprising 1minutes 34 seconds. Congratulation!


(Resource: Photo by hulksmashfood insgram)


Today, I am going to show you this delicious “Florence burger”.

Before I began my travel in Florence, I did some research about the Florence peasant dish. And there is a famous typical Florentine peasant dish named Lampredotto, made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow, the abomasum. As a burger lover, I bought one near the Santa Maria Cathedral. Actually, you can easily find Lampredotto everywhere in Florence.

It is cooked in water along with tomato, onion, parsley and celery, and then served, usually on a crusty bun that has been dipped in the cooking broth, with a choice of salt and pepper, parsley green sauce and hot chilli sauce.

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(Resource: Photo by Mindy Tsang, the blogger of MINDYBURGERLOVER.)


When you are traveling in a new city, I sincerely suggest that you should try the local breakfast. In Florence, I went to a local burger cafe and I tried the local burger and wonderful Italy Cappuccino.

In Italy, the bread is not as soft as in United Kingdom. They are a little hard because of the cereals, but  it is still delicious and healthy. The red meat is Italy raw ham. Maybe, someone will feel weird to eat raw ham. Of course, if you do not like the ham, you could find other burgers which are made in traditional way.

In my opinion, I really enjoy this special burger and perfect Cappuccino in Florence. If you know some special burgers, PLEASE do not hesitate to share it with COMMENTS below. Thank you.

(Resource: Photo by Mindy Tsang, the blogger of MINDYBURGERLOVER.)


(Resource: Photo by Mindy Tsang, the blogger of MINDYBURGERLOVER.)


(Resource: Photo by Mindy Tsang, the blogger of MINDYBURGERLOVER.)


Today, I am in Venice. As a famous travel city in Italy, travelers are able to find various of food they like.

Burger is one of their favor food. As what I said before, when you are traveling, burger is definitely your fantastic food choice. You can save time by just taking burger and some drinks.

Fritto Misto is really an amazing  burger restaurant. You can enjoy your burger lunch under   the warm sunny and beautiful scenery, especially the price is attractive, only 7.5 euros.

If you know any wonderful burger restaurants, PLEASE do not hesitate to tell me with the COMMENTS below.

(Resource: Photo by Mindy Tsang, the blogger of MINDYBURGERLOVER.)